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This is: www.ExitBrexit.UK/pulse_2019-03-03/
From www.ExitBrexit.UK

Pulse Of Europe Rally, Munich = Muenchen 3rd March 2019

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Notes & Videos of Speakers on Brexit
Julian Stacey & Bernie Faulkner English & German

If You are British:
Please Write An MP

Yes you can write even if you've been out over 15 years & UK has stolen your write to vote. Numerous of us have, & got answers, ask us on the Brexit discussion list
UK stole seven hundred thousand plus rights to vote from Brits resident in the EU over 15 years.

If You Are An EU citizen:
Please sign EU Permanent Citizenship Petition

(Bitte Unterschreiben: - Dauerhafte Unions Buergerschaft)
(BTW you can not click back from the EU site to this Berklix site, so this link contains an extra 'target="_blank"' to open a new window)

If you are German:
Please vote in E.U. Elections on 28th May 2019

(Some other countries in E.U. have other dates)
Am 28. Mai 2019 ist Europa Wahl: Bitte Geh waehlen !


Thanks To Pulse of Europe hosts Klaus F, Margit E. & co. to photographer who prefers anonymity, to friends who came, large friendly PoE audience, & people met after, we all had a good time smiley face icon.

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