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Email MP: "My post code is:___, Please vote for a new Brexit referendum / People's vote : Remain In versus May's Deal versus Hard Brexit"
2.5 years since the last Referendum, some have change minds. Brexit referendum stole 700,000 British votes in EU, 3.7 million globally, 1.9 M too young to vote, 1.3 M died, mostly leavers. Electoral fines & lies. National unity government to Revoke Art. 50, New ref, Re-issue 50 if Planned.

Brexit Frauds: & `democratic' Lie

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  No Taxation Without Representation

Why pay tax to a government that steals votes ? that hasn't learnt since they lost the American War Of Independence in 1783 ?
  • British government stole the right to vote from 700,000+ British residents in the EU - those most impacted !
  • Old folk, keener to vote, & keener on Brexit, have died for over 2 years since 23 June 2016
  • 700,000 young people registered since the referendum, for the 2017 General Election, many too young to vote in 2016 have had international career opportunities blighted by old dead voters.
    Before the 2017 election 1,191,101 people under 35 registered to vote.
  • Undemocratic government forces its cobbled Brexit `deal', despite changing demographics, changes of opinion, better informed electorate, aware of past lies & criminal media funding.
  • The last referendum was advisory, corrupt, & fraudulent
  • Government lies it's democratic.
  • Government & opposition abuse Brexit for party political advantage.
  • MPs should co-operate cross party to declare Brexit an apolitical non party issue of conscience, (like abortion, death penalty etc), & break the abuse of party leaders & whips.
  • Britain needs an _Honest_ Referendum
  • British resident in EU should also be allowed to vote (it impacts them more than in the UK.)

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